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  • Embankment Slides
  • Free-Standing Slides
  • Platform Slides
  • Snake Slides
  • Tube Slides
  • Wave Slides
Stainless steel slides are fun and provide plenty of thrills making them an essential addition to any play space. 

We offer a wide range of sizes and designs.
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  • 1.5m Roundabout
  • 2m Roundabout
  • 2.5m Roundabout
  • Ability Roundabout
  • 0.5m Twister
  • Saturn Whirl
A firm favourite with countless generations in many recreational areas, a playground roundabout can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities. 
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Rocking Horses

Hours and hours of fun - that’s something children are guaranteed with a traditional rocking horse from Yates Playgrounds Ltd. 
This is the perfect playground equipment to accompany swings and seesaws. If your playground has a metal slide, why not add a conventional rocking horse and create an exciting play environment that children are going to love?
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• Traditional Swings
• Arch Swing
• Bird Nest Swing
• Cantilever Swing
• Cyclone Swing
• Wheelchair Swing

Our standard swing frames are manufactured from galvanised and powder-coated heavy steel tube, to give years of trouble-free service. 
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No playground can be complete without a seesaw – nostalgic and charming
Rotating Spring Seesaw - up and down spinning all around, this seesaw is great fun for the more adventurous. It was originally designed for the older children, but we have found that children of all ages are able to enjoy this exciting piece of equipment on their own or with others.
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Multi-Use Games Areas 

Our Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) are manufactured from heavy-duty galvanised and powder-coated steel.
Available from a single standalone goal to full multi use games areas of different sizes, all to the all to BSEN 15312.
The games areas can be designed to fit in most locations.
The ends are 3m high rising to 4m behind the basketball goal, with either 3, 2 or 1 metre high sides. They have heavy duty steel panels to aid ball rebound and eliminate excessive noise. Rest areas and escape routes can be incorporated into the court walls.
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Wheeled Sports Equipment 

    Our wheeled sports equipment is manufactured using galvanised steel frames with 3 skating surfaces available, GRP, concrete or stainless steel. 
    All our skate equipment conforms to BSEN14974:2006.
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    Rope Play

    This exciting range of activity nets start at the 2-metre high single mast active 2000, suitable for children age 3-7 years, up to the giant 6-metre high twin mast active multi 6000, that is suitable for children from 5 years to 105 years.
    As with all of these rope structures, they are manufactured and tested to precise standards using specialist machinery and highly skilled operatives. All structures are available in a choice of colours including red, green and blue, they can be made to order in single, two-tone or triple colour variations at no extra cost. 
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    Fun Trails

    On the path to discovery, skills and achievement 

    • Arch Trails
    • Trim Trail 
    • Low Level Timber Trail
      The low level fun trails require balance, coordination and confidence. 
      All the activities are individual items, and the length and layout of the trail can be customised to suit specific requirements.
      Manufactured from powder-coated steel using polished stainless steel chains and steel cored coloured ropes, these low level trails can be installed onto an existing surface eliminating the need for expensive ground work and preparation.
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      Rocket Towers

      Standing 6m from the ground, these towers will be the focal point of any play area.
      When the children need a rest from the climbing wall, tubular stainless steel slide, scramble net and fireman's pole, they can choose to hang out in either the basement seating area or up on the fully enclosed top floor.
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      Playground Springers

      Made from high-density polyethylene these springers are extremely durable, they have outstanding colour fastness and will resist graffiti, mould and fungus.
      The seats are rubber-coated to provide an anti-slip surface. Handles are tough nylon and are warm to the touch.
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      Climbing Frames

      Children just love to climb, so these simple steel climbing frames will keep kids of all ages happy for years to come.
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      Aerial Runway

      There is nothing more exhilarating than an Aerial Runway in a playground. Children (and adults) race to get to this exciting ride, and experience the speed of flying and swinging through the air.
      Our Aerial Runways are available in lengths of between 20 and 50 metres, the steel cable is suspended on heavy-duty galvanised tubular steel frames that can be powder-coated to almost any colour. 
      They can be installed with a start ramp for a level site, or without a ramp for a site with a natural fall.
      At the end of the ride, the user is gradually brought to a halt by a spring brake system.
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      Multi-Play Platforms

      • Multi Play Units Age 3-8
      • Multi Play Units Age 6-16
      Play platforms are the perfect place for children of all ages to develop their hand-eye 
      coordination and keep healthy and active. 
      At Yates Playgrounds Ltd, our wide range of play platforms caters to every age and ability, from toddlers at nursery to teenagers in the local park. We’ll work with you to identify the best play platforms for your school or park, ensuring children get hours of imaginative fun out of your new play platform.
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      Playground Markings

      • Local School Markings
      • Animals
      • Education
      • Foot Prints and Shapes
      • Hopscotch
      • Road Tracks
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      Youth Shelters 

      These playground youth shelters are manufactured from powder-coated tubular steel.
      Dimensions are approximately 3m high x 3m wide, available with or without side panels (examples shown have no sides fitted) .
      If side panels are required, we recommend that the shelter is not fully enclosed as this can cause the occupants to be completely hidden from view.
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      Play Panels

      • Classic Panels
      • Arts and Craft Panels
      • Fun Activity Panels
      • Fun and Educational Panels
      • How Tall Panels
      • MagPlay Panels
      • Mirrors and Domes Panels
      • Moving Parts Panels
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      Our galvanised steel fencing is available in a range of heights, styles and colours. It can have either a flat or bow top and be powder-coated in a colour of your choice. 
      All pedestrian gates have a self-closing mechanism.
      Coloured fencing is manufactured from high-density 19mm polyethylene, is maintenance-free and graffiti-resistant, available in a large range of colours. It can also be engraved to reveal coloured pictures, text etc.
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      Safety Surfacing 

      • Rubber Wetpour Surfacing
      • Grass Mats
      • Wetpour Surfacing
      • Rubber Grass Mats
      • Rubber Tiles
      • Synthetic Play Surface
      • Artificial Grass
      • Bonded Rubber Mulch
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      Seating & Litter Bins

      Our seats have either galvanised or stainless steel frames, for strength and longevity, they are available in a range of different styles.
      We manufacture using either, maintenance free brown plastic or 100% steel for the ultimate vandal proof seating.
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      Sail Shades and Canopies 

      Our commercial grade sails are manufactured to order. They are available in 14 contemporary colours offering 96% shade factor and a 10-year UV warranty.

      The perimeter of the sail is reinforced using a 50mm-wide webbing. The corners feature heavy-duty stainless steel fixing brackets.
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      Trampolines are a must-have element for any play area that is sure to get the heart pounding!
      Available in 4 different models, these flush fitting trampolines make a very popular addition to any play area. 
      The jumping area consists of sprung heavy-duty polyethylene segments, giving an extremely durable surface and all enclosed within a colourful rubber safety edging. 
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      Outdoor Gym Equipment 

      The benefits of a more active lifestyle and a balanced diet are well-known and are the key to good health, more efficient operation and a pleasant life. Many people do not benefit from any regular sports activities for economic reasons, lack of time or difficult-to-access sports facilities. 
      Additionally, a growing problem is obesity and cardiovascular disease. There are many places where there is no possibility that people could improve their condition. 
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