Playground Fun Trails

Playground Fun Trails

Our low-level playground fun trails are perfect for little explorers. Requiring skill, balance and a higher degree of coordination and confidence, these trails are challenging, and guaranteed to provide children with hours of fun. 

At Yates Playgrounds Ltd, we can tailor all of the individual items within this outdoor play equipment, customising the length and the layout to suit your playground requirements. Our bespoke adventure trail is made from powder coated steel with polished stainless steel chains and steel-cored coloured ropes. It’s simple to install on existing surfaces, so there’s no need for expensive groundwork or time-consuming preparation. 

Helping to improve balance, skill and dexterity, our fun trails are popular items of play equipment and can be used in conjunction with other outdoor play structures to keep little ones entertained. 

Find out more about our playground fun trails by calling 01704 822 123

Safe to use and sure to stand the test of time, you’ll hear squeals of delight when children tackle all of the following items in the pleasure trail:

• Balance Beams
• Chain Traverse
• Scramble Net Bridge
• Parallel Bars
• Wobble Board
• Stepping Posts
• Tyre Traverse
• Spinning Beam
• Rope Bridge
• Trapeze Rings
• Rope Wall
• Fish Bone
• Jungle Bridge
• Crab Walk
• Toad Stools
• Gym Bars
• Zigzag Tight Rope
• Log Wall
• Tyre Bridge
• Leap Frog Logs

It’s so easy to create a thrilling and exciting playground fun trail. For more information, download the product brochure online and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can speak to us in person about any of playground equipment by calling 01704 822 123.  

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