Playground Rocking Horse

Playground Rocking Horses

Hours and hours of fun, that’s something children are guaranteed with a traditional rocking horse from Yates Playgrounds Ltd. This is the perfect playground equipment to accompany swings and seesaws. If your playground has a metal slide, why not add conventional rocking horse playground equipment and create an exciting play environment that children are going to love.  

The 5 seater rocking horse is one of our most popular items of equipment. Instantly drawing attention to young thrill-seekers, this playground horse has an all steel body with replaceable polyethylene antislip seats and footboards. Pivoting on eight large sealed bearings for minimum maintenance and a longer life, this attractive and highly addictive item of play equipment is a massive hit with children of all ages.

Choose your perfect playground rocking horse:
• Traditional Rocking Horse
• Rocking Horse that seats 5
• Anti-slip Rocking Horses
• Rocking Horses with foot boards
• All steel bodied Rocking Horse
If you want to design a play area filled with adventurous items of equipment we have just the thing for you here at Yates Playgrounds Ltd. Our horse playground equipment encourages group play and it’s a great way to burn off excess energy! 

Find out more about our playground rocking horses by downloading the brochure below. If you require more details about a play horse or any other item of equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us today. For a no-obligation chat, the number to call is 01704 822123. 

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