Playground Swings

Playground Swings

All our fun, child-friendly playground swings have frames manufactured from galvanised and powder coated heavy steel tube for a longer life expectancy. Offering endless hours of entertainment, bespoke metal swing sets are the ideal accompaniment to the other playground equipment we have for sale. Unbelievably appealing, seats are attached using durable 8mm galvanised chains which pivot on self-lubricating brass bushes. Our swing sets are also available with useful anti-wrap chains, flat or cradle seats.  

We have many styles and designs of playground swings and plenty of options for you to choose, including all of the following swing types ready to order at the best possible price:

 2.4m double frame with 2 flat seats
 2.4m single frame with 1 flat seat
 2.4 frame with 2 cradle seats
 Toddler cradle seat
 Cantilever swing  

See the benefits of our 2.4m Bird’s nest swing
A popular addition to any playground environment, a bird’s nest swing comes equipped with its own 1.2m diameter basket, and can easily carry three children at once. There’ll be no more arguing about whose turn it is next, siblings have easy access to all-inclusive play, meaning children of all abilities can play for hours side by side. 

We can quote you for a bird’s nest swing or any other item of play equipment we have for sale here at Yates Playgrounds Ltd. Call today on 01704 822123.

Experience the delights of a 2.4m Cantilever Swing
Equally as much fun, the single arm cantilever swing makes a different alternative to traditional playground swings. Children can swing in any direction and spin around, pivoting on a stainless steel universal joint with enclosed roller bearings. Cantilever swing sets can either have a 1m diameter bird’s nest or a tyre swing seat as an alternative.     

Styles of Playground Swings include

 Birds Nest Swing
 Boat Swing
 Tyre Swing
 Single Swing
 Double Swing
 Cantilever Swing
 Cradle Seat
 Flat Seat
 Swing Barriers
 Anti-Wrap Chain Swings

Find out more about our playground swing sets and get in touch
If you would like more details about our playground swings don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a FREE, no-obligation quote. You can contact us here today and leave a message, or call us on 01704 822123.

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